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We are dAton

dAton is an innovation and analysis company that specialises in developing solutions and methods for companies and institutions to approach large quantities of information, enabling them to make better decisions. The main projects currently in development at dAton are media monitoring software (Vakt) and a monitor for statistical information (Gagnar).

What we do

We offer solutions for monitoring and analysing information. These solutions are offered on a subscription basis, or specialised solutions can be purchased according to need.


Fregnir is a media monitoring software and a powerful tool for staying up-to-date with media coverage and searching for news in data banks. In addition, the monitor provides information about the interplay of news and social media which provides a more detailed account of the scope of the coverage in the media. Fregnir is developed in cooperation with users who have extensive experience with monitoring and analysing media coverage on a daily basis.


Gagnar is a solution for those who need statistical information in order to make decisions and to present them. With Gagnar, statistical information is updated automatically whenever it’s updated in the sources that are being used. This process ensures that the latest available information is used at all times, thus considerably facilitating the management of statistical information.

Custom solutions

dAton offers custom solutions for clients with thorough and precise analyses of media coverage and statistical information from Gagnar. Such solutions are designed to encompass a wide range of special fields and important information relevant to them. dAton reviews and analyses its clients’ needs in order to ensure that customisation and solutions yield maximum results and meet expectations.

Sentiment analysis

At dAton, a system for sentiment analysis is currently in development, which relies on artificial intelligence to discern whether coverage is positive or negative. With sentiment analysis, it is possible to quickly evaluate how news are perceived. Furthermore, dAton is working on a solution which has the purpose of predicting the dissemination and consumption of news shortly after being published.

Who we are

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